Top 5 Ways to Ruin Your Enamel

January 28, 2022

You probably didn’t hit this blog because you are actively hoping to ruin your enamel. The truth is, many of us are doing things every day that are gradually wearing down the protective surface of our teeth. The scary part – enamel never grows back. Once it is gone, it is gone. So, what are you doing to ruin your enamel? It’s about time you knew.

woman showing enamel

Teeth Whitening

We all want a beautiful, bright white smile. Sadly, too many of us opt for drugstore whitening options like whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, or even whitening light trays. While these products offer white teeth in as little as a few days, the cost to your enamel is great. These products contain chemicals that gradually soften the tooth surface and eat away your enamel with every passing minute. If you are truly wanting a beautiful white smile, schedule a whitening appointment with us at Woodmen Dental. Not only is it safer for your enamel, but you will notice a huge difference after just one treatment.

Acidic Foods

While most people don’t walk around eating lemons every day, there are other acidic foods that wreak havoc on your enamel. Soda is not only bad for your waistline, it is also an incredibly acidic beverage that will eat away your enamel and cause extensive tooth decay. Other acidic foods/drinks include alcohol, pickles, and even red meat and dairy. On the plus side, avoiding an acidic diet won’t just save your enamel. Studies show that limiting your intake of acidic foods may help improve bone strength, reduce the risk of kidney stones, lower chronic pain, improve hormone levels, and alleviate acid reflux as part of an acid reflux diet.

Using the Wrong Toothbrush

You may think you are doing the right thing by brushing your teeth twice every day, flossing routinely, and seeing your dentist twice every year. While these are great habits, if you are using the wrong toothbrush, you may be damaging your enamel. Dentists recommend using soft or extra-soft bristled toothbrushes to protect your enamel. Anything more than a soft-bristled toothbrush will not just brush away bacteria, but brush away the protective layer of your teeth.

Underlying Health Problems

Something to be aware of is your overall health. If you suffer from GERD (heartburn) or other forms of acid reflux, it may be ruining your enamel. If you notice you are suffering from acid reflux, it may be time to schedule an appointment with your dentist and your general practitioner.

Dental Trauma

Dental trauma can be hard to avoid. If you have recently experienced a tooth getting chipped or a sharp item hitting the surface of your teeth, it may warrant a quick enamel check-up with your dentist. Although, if your tooth is chipped, you are probably already set to see your dental provider.

Woodmen Can Help

Damage to your enamel cannot be reversed. At Woodmen Dental Group, our excellent providers can help educate you about the best ways to protect your enamel. Schedule an appointment today and let us care for your teeth!