Signs You Need to See a Dentist

January 20, 2017

tooth painYour smile says so much about you. It’s how you express joy. It’s how you communicate emotion. It’s something to be cared for! That’s certainly a belief we stand behind here at Woodmen Dental Group, your Falcon dentist.

But too often, folks neglect dental care. It’s crucial for your oral health and hygiene to keep visits to the dentist a regular part of your routine. Beyond that, there are several reasons why you should visit the dentist (or orthodontist) outside of your regular dental checkups. Here are a few signs that it’s time to visit your dentist:

  • Tooth Pain
  • Tooth Stains
  • Misaligned Teeth
  • Injured or Unhealthy Gums

If You Have Tooth Pain

If you have tooth pain or sensitivity, your teeth may need attendance. Tooth pain can come from a number of sources, including tooth cracking, worn-down enamel, shallow gums, illness, and more. Your dentist will assess your tooth pain to determine its source. In some instances, such as a tooth cavity, your dentist will need to treat the issue to resolve your tooth pain. Dentists commonly perform root canals, they fill cavities, they provide fluoride treatments, and may perform other procedures to cure tooth pain.

If You Have Tooth Stains

Sick of stained teeth? If you have yellow and brown teeth, you may end up hiding your smile. Fortunately, a trip to the dentist can help you to whiten your teeth. Seek out a cosmetic dentist for a professional teeth whitening. Dentists can provide a variety of treatments, including in-office treatments and at-home treatments. Stained teeth aren’t necessarily unhealthy, but who doesn’t want a smile that’s a brighter shade of white? If you live here in Falcon, you can count on our cosmetic dentist for professional teeth whitening.

If You Have Misaligned Teeth

Are your teeth out of line? Perhaps you have impacted teeth that refuse to grow out of your gumline. Or maybe you have wisdom teeth that are painfully erupting from your jaw. Or you may have injured yourself, bending your teeth to odd angles and different directions. Regardless of your situation, a trip to the orthodontist may be a must. Realigning your teeth can work wonders for your oral health, and it’ll leave you with a pristine smile. Plus, having aligned teeth can help you to chew food, and it’ll keep your jaw from misalignment which can be a whole other issue.

If You Have Dental Damage

Have chipped teeth, cracked teeth, loose teeth, or other damage, it’s time to take a trip to the dental office. Tooth damage can occur in an instant or over a lifetime. If you’re an avid athlete, you may come up against an injury that chips a tooth. Or perhaps, you’re just a bit too clumsy and happen to bonk into an unforgiving wall. It happens to the best of us, and it could mean a trip to the local dentist.

On top of accidental injuries, teeth may simply decay due to wear and tear over time. Take note if your teeth become sensitive, or if you see cracks in your teeth. Also, pay attention to your gums. Don’t let shallow gums, bleeding gums, or painful gums go unchecked! Speaking of gums…

If You Have Injured/Unhealthy Gums

Your gums are integral to your oral health. They keep your teeth in tact, and they protect the pulp of a tooth. If your gums are diminished in size and receding, the bases of your teeth may be exposed; that can lead to tooth decay and pain. Also, pay attention to the integrity of your teeth. If you have teeth that are sensitive or loose, your gums may be to blame. You may also have gums that are bleeding, swollen, discolored, and/or tender. If so, you may have periodontitis, which requires treatment. Seek out a periodontist if you think you’re suffering from gum disease.

Get Regular Checkups!

Aside from the aforementioned injuries, regular dental checkups can help with all the aforementioned issues. You can mitigate tooth pain, moderate tooth staining, align your teeth, and keep teeth strong with regular visits to the dentist and orthodontist. We recommend that you visit your dentist at least twice per year. And visit more often if you have recurring dental issues.

Beyond regular visits, you’ll have to maintain your at-home dental care. You’ve heard it before: Brush your teeth at least twice per day, and use floss to clean the gaps between your teeth. Regular dental care will make your dental visits quick and painless, and it’ll leave you with a pearly white smile!

Emergency Dental Care

Take note that some dental issues can require urgent attention. If, for instance, you slip on a wet floor and end up losing a tooth to the coffee table, it’s certainly time to hop in the car and visit the dentist. Or, if you’re suffering from a bad toothache, have your dentist take a look. If you live here in Falcon, you can visit us here at Woodmen Dental Group. We provide same-day appointments for emergency dental care needs. Take note, if you have an emergency that is a health risk, please go to the hospital for immediate care.

Your Falcon Dentist

Woodmen Dental Group is proud to be your Falcon-area source for dentistry and orthodontia! Regardless of your needs – be they tooth pain, tooth stains, dental damage, or just a regular checkup – we can help you to attain and maintain your best smile. Get in touch with us to schedule an appointment today, or feel free to take a look at our full list of dental services!