Oral Surgery

Choosing a Falcon Oral Surgeon

In one location, Woodmen Dental Group has a complete team of dental professionals, making it easy for our patients to receive complete care. To create a custom treatment that works for your specific needs, our dentists and in-house oral surgeons collaborate to tailor a procedure for you. Our oral surgeon can also treat TMJ and other ailments

Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed in a Comfortable Office

Oral Surgeon in Falcon, COWisdom teeth are often referred to as your third molars. They tend to develop at the corners of your mouth between the ages of 16 and 20. Oftentimes, jaws are simply not large enough to accommodate this extra growth, so new teeth knock existing teeth out of alignment, and cause other complications. That’s why wisdom teeth removal is recommended for many patients.

Wisdom teeth extraction is an everyday procedure for oral surgeons.

How Do I Know if My Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed?

If your wisdom teeth do not grow properly in your mouth, serious problems could ensue. The crowding brought on by improper growth can cause illness, pain, swelling, and stiffness. It is not uncommon for wisdom teeth to grow in sideways, to only partially emerge, or to remain stuck underneath your gum and bone.

As a patient of Woodmen Dental Group, your dentist will closely monitor your teeth at your six-month check-ups and make every effort to give you an early warning about your wisdom teeth. By removing them early, you can prevent serious problems and decrease surgical risk..

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