Dentures in Falcon, CO

Do You Need a New Set of Dentures?

Older couple smiling with their new DenturesYour mouth naturally changes with age, so it is normal for your dentures to feel looser over time. Most patients need to replace their dentures every 3-8 years, but if yours feel uncomfortable, that’s usually a sign that it’s time for a new set. In order to know for sure, consult your dentist.

New to Dentures?

If you’re looking for solutions to missing teeth, you may want to consider dentures. Unlike bridges, crowns, or implants, dentures offer flexibility in that they are possible to remove.They are also one of the most affordable cosmetic options, particularly if you are missing all of your teeth.

Complete Dentures

Full Denture imageIf an entire row of your teeth is missing, you will need a set of complete dentures. This appliance uses suction to stay in place and requires maintenance to ensure a proper fit.


Partial Dentures

Partial Denture imageIf you are only missing a few teeth, partial dentures may be the option for you. This appliance uses your existing teeth for support in your mouth.


Schedule a Consultation

If you are on the hunt for your first set of Falcon dentures or replacement for your old ones, we are your go-to! Our dental team is outfitted with a variety of dental professionals. In addition to our cosmetic dentists, we staff a periodontist, an endodontist, and an orthodontist. Call our office at 719-694-1929 to schedule an appointment today!