Dental Insurance vs. Discount Plan: What are the Benefits of Each?

August 26, 2019

woman smilingHaving some form of dental care is important, and luckily, there are plenty of ways you can save. Usually, modern dental offices provide a few different payment options, like a discount savings plan or dental insurance.

Let’s discuss how these options work and which plan is best for you!

What Is Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance is a form of health care that pays for dental care. Patients pay a monthly rate for their coverage and the insurance company pays a portion of your dental services. More often than not, patients will pay a co-pay each time they visit the dentist.

Dental insurance is a great option for those who work for a company that offers it. Individual dental insurance can be pricey; if you can be a part of a company dental plan, you may want to go that route!

Dental insurance normally covers preventatives costs, which includes two dental cleanings and one set of x-rays annually. Some dental plans have a maximum spending limit while others do not.

If your teeth require a lot of attention, dental insurance may be the right plan for you. You will want to figure out what kind of dental care you need and understand coverage costs before signing up for dental insurance.

What is a Dental Discount Plan?

A dental discount plan offers dental care for an annual fee. Patients will pay out of pocket for dental services, but at a discounted rate and without a co-pay. Discounts plans can vary, but generally cost about $150 to $350 a year.

If you are young or your teeth are in good shape, a discount plan may be the best way to go. Discount plans provide the same quality of care and usually have no maximum as well.

Since you are paying for services as you go, discount plans aren’t ideal for individuals who are prone to poor oral health and need to see a variety of specialists several times a year.

Woodmen Dental Group Has Options

We don’t want you to skip your regular dental visits, which is why at Woodmen Dental Group, we accept most insurance plans and payment options without insurance.

If you or your family are looking for a top-rated, modern dental facility that has several different payment options aside from dental insurance, we have you covered!

Our Gloss Dental Discount Plan is similar to a Costco or Sam’s Club membership; Gloss patients receive up to 50% off all dental services for a small annual fee.

Visit our Gloss Dental Discount Plan page for a full list of benefits.

Contact Your Dentist in Falcon, CO

At Woodmen Dental, our team of professionals are prepared to treat you and your family. Our practice is committed to exceptional care at the best value possible, so that you can maintain a clean bill of health.

For more information about our dental insurance coverage of our payment plan options, visit our resources page or contact us today.

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