Best Tips from a Dental Hygienist

October 27, 2021

There are experts in every profession (we will save you the joke about the farmer who was ‘out standing’ in his field). It’s true, however, that consulting an expert in their field is truly the best way to get the best resources and information. Going straight to the source is the fastest way to educate yourself in most subjects. So, if you have come to our blog in the hopes of finding the best tips for dental care, then you came to the right place! Keep on reading to see what our dental hygienists recommend for total dental health.

Establish Care With a Dentist

Dental Hygienist Cleaning

Shockingly, 1 out of every 3 American adults skipped going to the dentist – before the COVID-19 pandemic ever began. Whether it was because of fear of the dentist, a lack of dental insurance, or just a shortage of time, these adults have put themselves at a higher risk for tooth decay, infection, tooth loss, and more. Without a doubt, our number one tip for the best dental health is to establish care with a dentist. You may already be a patient of ours, but we would be happy to see you at Woodmen Dental Group if you are not. We are offering new patients a first cleaning, exam, and set of x-rays for just $59.

At a bi-yearly visit with your dentist, a dental hygienist will be able to give your teeth and gums a deep cleaning. During this appointment, a hygienist will remove hard to brush tartar and plaque and spray away bacteria, leaving you with a clean and refreshed mouth for the months ahead. In addition, these annual visits allow a dentist to detect, diagnose, and treat any issues that may arise. As with many medical ailments, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of a cure.

It Starts At Home

Whether or not you are a parent, it is essential to remember that healthy habits start at home. Dentists recommend brushing your teeth two times per day for at least two minutes each time. Do not brush more frequently, as this can damage your enamel. Following up your brushing routine with flossing and a dentist-recommended mouth wash can also help fight off cavity-causing bacteria. Choose a soft-bristled toothbrush and remember to throw it out every three to four months. Over time, your toothbrush will become dull, hard, and jagged and can cause tooth damage if not replaced regularly.

Oh, Sugar Sugar

Staying away from sugar is also highly recommended. We all love our sweets, but a high glucose level in your saliva is a breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria will feast on the sugar remnants in your mouth and wreak havoc on your teeth. Avoid sugary beverages and drink your weight in ounces in water each day to help wash away lingering bacteria.

Again, we would be happy to schedule you an appointment with one of our excellent dental providers at Woodmen Dental Group. If you have additional questions or want more resources to help you keep a healthy smile, we would be more than happy to chat with you.